Closed Beta is Coming – Tribal Wars 2 opens gates June 24th

Tribal Wars 2

The wait is over! I’m proud and excited to tell you that we will start the closed beta of Tribal Wars 2 on June 24th! I know that a lot of you have been waiting for this news for some time and we’re all very excited to see how you like the game we put so much work and effort in. Let’s head to the most important question: How do you get into the game?

Everyone who signed up for a beta key, on, no matter how long ago, might be among the first to playtest the new game. If you have not signed up yet you should do so as soon as possible!

The first days of the closed beta will start with a moderate number of players in the game so we have the time to check if the server and everything is ok. After initial performance tests, the beta will quickly be opened to significantly more participants so the chance to get a key increases very much.

The closed beta will start for browser only, with the launch of the open beta, the game will also be available for Android and iOS.

We wish you good luck during the beta key giveaway! See you in the game!

10 thoughts on “Closed Beta is Coming – Tribal Wars 2 opens gates June 24th

  1. TwofaceNL

    YEAH finally, its my return after years of playing on world 5 of tribalwars ^^, lets hope that its going even better as it went on world 5! i watched every previeuw and im really excited to start..
    4 more days to go 🙂

    Thank you guys! and good luck for everyone who has pre registered

  2. George The Wolf

    Finally, it came to us!
    Anticipation was hard, but i think it’s worth it. if this game is the same as it looks like in trailers and soundtrack, then it really will be worthy to spend some time on it…

  3. Rafael

    Can’t wait!! Does everyone tat pre-registered get one or only certain people? Also around what time will it be released on the 24th? Because I’m thinking of playing all night lol.


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